Essential Tips on How To Start a Plumbing Business in Harrogate

Harrogate plumber fixing radiatorA plumbing business is one of the best businesses one can start in any neighborhood. Professional plumbers in Harrogate, North Yorkshire are regularly needed to do the small repairs such as broken pipes and leaking toilet faucets in small homes, and big businesses as well as construction companies. The water treatment and supply companies also need plumbers to oversee the laying of the pipes and doing their maintenance as well as setting the drainage systems. As a professional plumber, you probably understand the procedure to follow when starting a plumbing business. Here are essential tips for how to start a plumbing business.


Obtain a plumbing license and permit

You should first consider obtaining the plumbing license for your business. You have to complete the forms provided by the licensing department where they will examine your plumbing skills to be assured of your expertise. They will then provide you with a tax identification number and retail licenses if you intend to sell the business in future.


Secure a liability insurance cover for of injuries and property damage

This is fundamental in your plumbing business because homeowners prefer hiring a company with liability coverage that will enable them claim their stolen or damaged properties.


Determine the best location for your business

You should then select a suitable place where you can set the office for your business that is accessible to all your customers. You should look for an office in Harrogate that will ensure effective and appropriate handling of customer’s calls and paperwork.


Purchase the essential equipment

A plumbing business is always a mobile business thus you should consider purchasing a vehicle that has the space to carry the plumbing equipment and tools and the basic supplies. You should purchase the plumbing equipment that includes plumbing pumps, vacuum for liquid and solid removal, plungers, wrenches, drain snakes, rubber gloves and the buckets. You should also purchase the office equipment such as phones, furniture, GPS systems and maps, fax machine and the accounting software.


Advertise your plumbing business

You should then market your business by purchasing the phone book ads and distributing your business cards to homeowners, businesses and the complementary industries. It`s prudent to offer discount programs and free upgrades that will entice customers to your business. Besides, you should be obliged to provide them professional services to ensure referral of potential customers and winning the loyalty of current ones. This way, it doesn’t matter whether they just want to find a plumber to fix a leaking tap, or they need a complete bathroom installation, you will always be the “go to” person for the job.

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